The exploration and application of engineering hydrology and environmental sensing for advancing the study of the environment | at the University of Vermont

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Welcome to the Engineering Hydrology and Environmental Sensing Research Group at the University of Vermont!

We develop new computational methods to study and understand the intersection of water resources with the built and natural environment. Our research leverages both advanced computational methods (e.g., artificial neural networks) and field methods such as land surveying and in situ environmental monitoring with sensors. We aim to develop tools that help organizations better utilize both existing environmental data as well as data streams from new technologies and sensors. We imagine these tools can be used to inform decision-making in watersheds and guide environmental protection and management strategies. 

This research group has a focus on collaborative and interdisciplinary work. Research and projects described here include significant contribution from key collaborators at UVM including Dr. Donna Rizzo and Dr. Kristen Underwood.

Research Group News

[Nov 2020] – New NSF Project collaboration with South Dakota State University. Testing a responsible innovation approach for integrating precision agriculture (PA) technologies with future farm workers and work. Recruiting a PhD student!

[Oct 2020] – New NSF funded Critical Zone Collaborative Network Big Data Cluster project is now recruiting graduate students. Join an interdisciplinary team from UVM, and six other universities that seeks to investigate the overlapping effects of disturbances on the Critical Zone. Follow on twitter @BigCzcn. Recruitment flyer

[Sep 2020] – New NSF Project funded! An ecologically inspired human-machine intelligence approach to recognizing similitude in multi-scale watershed research. Recruiting a PhD student!

[Aug 2020] – New website launched ( and new research group name: Engineering Hydrology & Environmental Sensing for advancing the study of the environment

Scott D. Hamshaw

Research Assistant Professor

phone: 802-656-4265

Key Collaborators

Donna M. Rizzo


phone: 802-656-1495

Kristen L. Underwood

Research Assistant Professor