Scott Hamshaw

Scott D. Hamshaw, Ph.D., P.E., | Principal Investigator

As a research assistant professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Vermont, I study the intersection of water resources with the built and natural environment. My research encompasses a combination of advanced computational methods (e.g. artificial neural networks) with field methods such as land surveying and environmental monitoring with sensors. I hope to develop tools that help organizations better utilize and understand both existing environmental data and data from new technologies and sensors. I previously completed a dual-degree bachelor program at University of Vermont and St. Michael’s College, and subsequently worked for three years as a consulting civil engineer before returning to UVM to pursue my M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. I am a licensed professional engineer in the State of Vermont and have teach undergraduate courses in stormwater engineering and land surveying and mapping (geomatics).

Curriculum Vitae | Research Gate Profile | Google Scholar Profile

Linh Nguyen | Undergraduate Researcher

Linh is a civil engineering student also minoring in electrical engineering. Linh is exploring the detection and delineation of hydrological events from turbidity sensor data that can be used for studying watershed sediment dynamics.

Calvin Blackwell | Undergraduate Researcher

Calvin is an environmental engineering major who is working on interpreting and classifying concentration-discharge “aka hysteresis” patterns in suspended sediment data.

Noah McAllister | Undergraduate Researcher

Noah is an environmental engineering major who is working on studying methods to measure suspended sediment using satellite imagery.

Key collaborating researchers

Donna M. Rizzo | Professor

Donna is a professor in civil and environmental engineering. Donna is a frequent collaborator on on projects with data science and computational modeling applications.

Kristen L. Underwood | Research Assistant Professor

Kristen is a research assistant professor and professional geologist. Kristen is a frequent collaborator on projects studying fluvial geomorphology and data-driven modeling.

Ali Javed| Ph.D. Candidate

Ali is a computer science Ph.D. student and Gund Barrett Graduate Fellow. Ali is a frequent collaborator on applying machine learning and deep learning to water quality sensor data.

Past Group Members

Eric Romero | Undergraduate Researcher

Eric finished his B.S. in environmental engineering in 2019. As an REU student and intern, Eric explored spatial analysis, use of in-stream turbidity sensors, and concentration-discharge analysis to study watershed sediment dynamics. Eric is currently a scientist with SSA at the NASA Goddard Space Center.