terrestrial laser scanning (lidar)

Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS)

Surveying and 3-D capture of terrain and infrastructure has been advanced with the advent of laser scanning (a.k.a. lidar) methods. Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) offers and affordable method for digital documentation of existing and historic structures, detailed topographic surveying of complex and difficult to access terrain, or monitoring of changing terrain and structures. We offer TLS services for surveying of exterior and interior environments to meet a variety of project goals.

We also can partner with the UVM Spatial Analysis Lab, which offers comprehensive SfM-photogrammetry and UAS-mapping solutions to offer complete interior and exterior digital documentation capability.


Our TLS available for deployment is a RIEGL VZ-1000 mid-range terrestrial laser scanner. Ranges up to 1,000 meters and sub-cm accuracy is possible. Creation of true color point clouds is possible with the integrated camera system.

For exterior applications, point clouds can be georeferenced using integrated L1 GPS (+/- 2m accuracy) or we also have RTK-GPS capabilities for cm level accuracy in georeferencing.


  • Data Acquisition — TLS in indoor environments or exterior/outside environments
  • Point Cloud Registration — creation of unified, true color point clouds
  • Georeferencing — registration of point cloud to specified coordinate system at either L1 GPS or RTK-GPS accuracy levels.
  • Surface modeling — creation of digital elevation models, surface models, or TIN surfaces

For quotes on services, please contact Scott Hamshaw ( Packages including a full field day of laser scanning and associated post processing start at $1,900.

TLS and RTK-GPS services are also available at reduced rates for internal UVM projects.